Three Little Pigs

Another successful trip around the sun.

I barely felt the Earth move beneath my feet, but somehow I made it another 585 million miles through space, spinning over 1,000 mph / 24 hours a day for 365 days. That’s pretty far. Kudos to creation for keeping things rolling.

I watched this incredible movie the other day, Melancholia. It’s about the Earth, and a hidden sister planet whose sudden and unexpected discovery threatens life on our own. Very mysterious. Visually stunning. Breathtaking really. I wish I had seen it on a big screen instead of bootllegged on my computer at home.

This past weekend though, was amazing. It felt a lot like watching Melancholia. A lot exciiting. A little sad. Visually stunning ;) and all around awesome. I spent my birthday in DC, with a really cool guy that I’m getting to know. And that I like spending time with. It’s really nice to be with someone who is understanding and compassionate. But also no bulllshit and honest to the point of being uncomfortable, at least for a moment. He’s handsome. And sexy. And has a great smile. A pretty cool guy if you ask me.

I like him. A lot. And I like the ease of conversation and the mutual respect that we share. I am often overly self conscious to the point of causing anxiety… but he gets it, and lets me know that it’s ok. I like that. I haven’t had that before. Not in the way that allows me to eventually internalize it into something positive, and proactive. That’s still new, and I need to practice a bit before I get it just right. But for now I see it and am grateful for it.

We cooked dinner on Saturday. Well, mostly he cooked dinner. I handled dessert. Naturally. In fact though, it was amazeballs delicious! Pork and mushroom stufffed pork tenderloin, wrapped in prosciutto and baked over apples with kale and onions. A side of roasted cauliflower mash and molten chocolate cake for dessert rounded out a truly deliicious meal. And in the company of good friends and great conversation, it was an incredible birthday feast.

Pork on pork on pork
Pork on pork on pork.

Superbowl Sunday brought another tough workout at the gym and a beer fueled afternoon meeting friends over the half-time show. And the game.

All in all, I’m really lucky. To have someone in my life that is handsome, and intelligent and fun. Creative, conscientious and just plain cool. I’m really looking forward to the end of February… and for my next trip down to DC.

As far as the Earth spins, it’s still a few hundred thousand miles away. Patience was never my strong suit. I can wait though… Because some things, are totally worth it.


One thought on “Three Little Pigs

  1. Hi Jake,

    So glad to hear things are going your way.

    I just read your most recent posts, and I’m very happy and excited for you and all the world has to offer.

    I’m over my crazyness, yes, it was crazyness. I hope you’ll look back over our friendship as a whole and not just this past December. Clearly I wasn’t at my best, and I’m back now. Enough said?

    Brett’s doing much, much better, and will probably pull through as he’s already had two rounds of chemo and it’s looking really promising.

    Anyway, I miss you old friend. I’m very happy and excited for your future, and so very glad you have someone that understands you.

    I don’t know that I have shared this with you, but you have said to me that you used to look up to you, well, I’ve always looked up to you, and I continue to do so.

    I hope we can get past the ugliness we’ve shared, and I hope you know that I am forever your fan. Even when it doesn’t feel like it.

    All my love,

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