My mom is the best bargain hunter I know. I mean, the best.

I’m grateful she (reluctantly at first) instilled in me this skill; a combination of research and resourcefulness bolstered by a keen sense for quality.

My interests in  architecture stem from Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse. In a way, it’s a lot like bargain hunting. But instead of perusing thrift store shelves and racks of clothes I’m walking city blocks and neighborhood streets, surveying the existing urban fabric for clues of its past and hints at the future.

The historic facade was salvaged and restored; everything else had to go.

It’s all about potential. I love using my imagination to restore a damaged facade, or reincarnate the details of a given period or style. I re-zone and renew, restore and reuse. I’m a developer, an artist, a construction worker and a resident. It takes all of these roles to coordinate this type of work, but I live for it.

I went on to earn my Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture from the Catholic University of America in 2009.

Pictured: post demolition interior of a 19th C Queen Anne Victorian row house restored into 4 boutique residences in DC’s historic Dupont Circle neighborhood. Click here to see how it all goes down… and back up!