Children of the Sun

That’s what Spokane, or Spokan in native Salishan, literally means. Sun People or Children of the Sun. Groovy right? I think so. I grew up there, and for a long time really hated it. Most people in Spokane do. They looove to hate that place. I don’t anymore. I think Spokane is GREAT! It’s so beautiful, so close to nature and mountains. Pine tree-topped basalt cliffs, and deep blue lakes. And, ‘we’ have an Apple store.

I found out about the Apple store upon my last visit, over the Christmas holiday. It was great to meet new people, visit  familiar digs and find new eats. It was as a friend put it, basically re-discovering my hometown as a grown-up. Which come to find out, was pretty cool. Under-the-radar cool though ya know? Like DC.

I really liked this place Zola. It’s a creatively and well appointed bar in which every finished surface is made of adaptively reused materials. The inventive and playful space provides live (good) music nightly and offers locally acclaimed spirits Dry Fly in case you’re curious. Their clever alterations add form to function with a bit of wit for good measure. Think basketball court light fixture turned ‘urban pendant’. Or antique carnival carriages into an intimate mezzanine with a view. SO cool.

Below in full color and straight from me to you is a photo-adventure series taken during the Golden Hour in downtown Spokane’s Riverfront Park. It was a happy frolic (had to spell check that one) through the snow-covered paths and along the roaring river banks. From Inuit-woven mittens on friendly Canadian paws to spooky glowing totems with too much makeup. All in all, it’s really really pretty. Really.

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