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The most interesting dish might as well be left unserved, than served alone.

Sharing a meal is where it’s at! Whether grazing with friends at an pop up picnic, or feasting with family in familiar quarters the best meal I’ve ever had, has always been in good company.

It’s in the sharing of flavors, of conversation. The creation of memories through all the senses. It’s about adventure and security. Acting polite but feeling deeply primal.

It’s about nature, nourishment, sex and soul.

When all of these things collide mid-meal that’s when the best part is no longer dessert. It’s in the moment we realize that we’re not there to eat, but to dine.

As a good friend once said: “Food is the only beautiful thing that truly nourishes.”

And indeed it is. And does. Cheers!

A long time ago, in a Brooklyn apartment far, far away…

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