The International Contemporary Furniture Fair. This was my first year as an attendee – super awesome. I’m such a fan of innovative design, pushing the boundaries, and all things pretty. So needless to say, it was a great adventure.

I went twice; once on the Saturday of opening day (also the first To the Trade day), with a good buddy/artist friend. Which is always fun to take someone along who understands/appreciates the experience and takes things for what they are. I stopped in a second time on the last day, which was open to the public, this time with a colleague from the office.

During both visits, we wandered around with no particular plan, stopping in at various booths that grabbed our attention. It was really great to experience first hand such innovation and creativity. Everything from impeccably hand tufted carpets, to far-out seating, to still functional but whimsical furniture, the entire spectrum was well represented here.

Personally, I’m a big fan of lighting design and the fixtures through which it is offered to us. I was really impressed with a couple of vendors. One in particular, from Q is Design, really grabbed my attention with a totally new concept for a tabletop lamp? It’s called the Crystal – for pretty obvious reasons; each individual unit (of 8) is made of a three-dimensional polycarbonate hexagon which, when connected at various points along its regular sides, responds to the other unit(s) to which it is attached. Because each unit can attach in a variety of combinations, you can really play with it to make cool undulating shapes, or line instead them up vertically or horizontally. The light mechanism itself is internal and can be controlled by remote allowing the fixture to cycle through a variety of static colors as well as the option to loop through all colors in waves. SO COOL!!!

Ever the optimist, I thought there was so much amazing ‘home stuff’ to look at… it was sort of hard to capture everything in just a few paragraphs. A few trends we noticed though were a big presence in the reclaimed/salvage wood department, and quite a few multi-functional pieces. Loads of tables, chairs, dressers and casegoods in salvaged wood paired with leather, patina’d metals and in some cases, large slabs of faceted glass. The functional pieces ran the gamut, from smart Murphy beds with real usable integrated storage, to simple chairs and side pieces which fold inside out or altogether flat. Pretty sweet.

Here are just a few images from the show. I didn’t take too many photos (despite my promise to do so). I’ve been way too camera shy… time to get ballsy. Stay tuned!

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