… Is This Thing On?

My memory is done broke!

I forgot my own poem. Not mine, exactly. It was shared with us by a Spanish poet, Antonio Machado (say it with an accent, it’s way cooler that way).

The Wanderer. You may have read it on my #about page.

It’s on my website and I forgot it… Somehow I wandered away from its meaning. Being so caught up in looking back, I stumbled forward. Clumsily. Not that I’ve ever seen anyone stumble gracefully… wait, yes. Gymnastics.

Chalky hands and camel toe aside…What the fuck? I am way better than that. I don’t need to trip on my feet to remind myself that I’m walking.

I blame the marijuanas, which is weird ’cause I never inhaled.

Really though, it’s about moving. Forward. Onward. New directions, paths of travel.

I’m actually headed to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow for the week. Super fucking early tomorrow. As in I have to be walking out the door of my apartment at 4am to catch the subway for 90 minutes to Newark Liberty Airport, early.

But it will be so so so worth it!!! The friend I am going to visit is one of these amazing people that make the world. Just make it. Light. Fluffy. Funny.

Thoughtful. Erotic. Ironic. All the good stuff that’s worth sticking around for. And we get to spend a week together making some serious magic happen… Orlando in all her Disneydom will pale in comparison when these boys go supernova. : )

We’re not lovers, though I do love him with all my heart! There is a 20 year age difference (actually 19 years, 11 months and 28 days, but who’s counting?) which counts for something. But math aside, let’s just say we’re great together. And it shows.

This week will be an adventure to say the least. Trapeze school, boot-camp, kayaking, Muppets, go-go boys and $0.75 drinks? So stoked!

A Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon from 1977. Tinted a lovely shade of ‘Kremit’. It’s good to be green!

I guess looking back is alright, in context. Knowing that the music isn’t on repeat. That there are more tracks to rock your world and albums yet undiscovered. Hip-hop. Pop hits. Lowbrow. Highbrow.  Dubstep. Reggae. Phillip Glass. Electronic. String quartets, House! The great thing about music is that if you can hear it, you can’t not hear it. Whatever that’s supposed to mean (kind of free-associating on this post… it’s not ADD)

So music, moving… adventures in Florida, my mom’s 60th birthday, old friends from the West Coast, new friends on the East Coast, Broadway, DC, racy photography… of course we musn’t forget the missing holiday that retail America is SO IN DENIAL ABOUT this year!!! My delicious roommate *who doesn’t bake* baked an unbelievably scrumptuous pumpkin pie. From scratch. The best I’ve ever had, no joke.

21 days in and November has already been (and will continue to be) a whirlwind. And when this pixie dust settles, it’s gonna get weird.

As if it hasn’t already…

Gobble gobble!

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