Now What?

I’m struggling…

I’m not quite sure which direction I will be taking this blog. But I know it definitely needs some direction.

Up until now it’s been this cork-board pinned with ideas and images and rantings and ravings, and God knows what else should or shouldn’t be on here.

But I’m finding that the chaos isn’t conducive to my own creativity, and I’m hesitant to post to MY OWN BLOG because I haven’t quite worked out what exactly it is yet…

I need to organize.

I like order in things. Or at least groupings of less-chaotic chaos.

Some of the most basic program helps guide the construction of highly complex buildings and stunning works of art. Even if it’s just a rough idea of how to begin, to sort, to distribute… it’s something.

So here’s what I’m thinking (as I’m typing this).. I love the idea of definition, of taking an idea or a word or something interesting and relevant (whether its from a restaurant review or a recent musical release) and understanding what it means. I love the dictionary, and especially the thesaurus. I like to use similar words to help shade and color the meaning, the definition of one word. And feel how it relates to me and my world.

I think language is pretty amazing… I’m fluent in English, and conversant in French. I always wanted to learn Japanese, but instead, studied Mandarin Chinese for a year. I surprised myself the other day by interacting (albeit briefly) with a Chinese woman on the street, and was later able to pick up on a few written key words and phrases. All of that info hasn’t totally seeped out of my gourd. It’s still up there, sloshing around somewhere…

I also have too many interests to keep track of! I want to do everything all the time, so perhaps organizing and focusing on a definition is a really great way to layer different ideas or to weave a common thread/theme through various topics…

I dunno… that’s kind of where I am for now. I think I’ll be adding and adjusting this post as a starting point. Getting myself comfortable with the idea, and taking things slow.

One step at a time.


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