To Doing

Everybody has a perpetual “to do” list; whether conscious or not it’s always there full of things to check off, scratch out, or replace with bigger and better ideas, wants, needs, whatever.

One of the things on my own personal “to do” list is to BLOG MORE!!! Especially since this is an incredible opportunity to not only document and share my story with whomever stops by, but also to reminder myself of all the incredible things I have done, continue to,  and eventually will do. I know I know… it sounds silly, but lately I’ve had the ‘blinders’ on to so much of what makes me/my life pretty cool.

One goal that goes hand-in-hand with blogging more, is uploading more photos and more often. I’m going to shoot for three times a week to start, butI plan on carrying my (sweet) camera around with me, everywhere! I just picked up a new proprietary case that’s pretty awesome too; one piece connects to the base and  sides (can still hit the tripod) and a removable and form-fitting top piece that comes off super easily. Blam. I also picked up a book that’s more pictures than words: From Snapshots to Great Shots… you get the idea

A couple other “to do” list items I’m actively pursing: I plan on cooking more, and trying new recipes (NoTakeOut.com is an awesome start!) I plan on actually going to French class, and using the opportunity to speak it with my colleagues at work. i plan on playing the viola, uploading my creative work to my site, and re-vamping my spring-to-summer workout so that gym time is my time again, instead of finding excuses not to go. And, biking there!

A big one for me tho, is that I plan on chilling out more… A LOT! And I think it’s gonna be one of the hardest things on my list, probably the one thing that I’m continually ‘to doing’. This means relaxing my shoulders and slowing down, not furrowing my brow so much (I think I look pretty pissed when I’m walking around) and being more accepting of my dorky quirks and even my sometimes undue seriousness. I mean, like, whatever! Right?! SO not worth getting upset over. That’s just the start of that particular goal… it’s also going to mean taking things as they are and thinking of the positive outcome instead of worrying about all of the potential disasters. Pretty much taking the advice I would give to others, to my self.

So yeah. It’s a new month, a  new season, and a whole new chance to get things moving, and more importantly, moving in a great new direction. That’s what I’m going to work on for now… one of the pieces of that last goal includes being OK with posting on here. Even if it’s not ‘perfect’. Or particularly interesting. It’s my blog dammit. I can write what I want!

I think Dr. Seuss (big fan of your work!)  pretty much sums it up for us here when he says: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

Hope you don’t mind  ;-}


One thought on “To Doing

  1. – I’m glad I’ve come across your blog – they’ve touched me, made me think and have helped. It’s sometimes hard to find your way or remember which way you wanted to go, I’m glad to hear your progress, it gives others hope and happiness and to that I Thank u.

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